The Down Syndrome Centre Cork was founded in early 2017 in response to a recognised need in the Cork region for the provision of support and facilities for families and carers of young children with Down Syndrome. Currently, the centre provides early intervention services to children with down syndrome up to the age of seven years.

Founded and set-up by parents of children with Down Syndrome, the purpose of the centre is to provide three core functions;

  • Early Diagnosis

Most parents will acknowledge that receiving the initial diagnosis of Down syndrome is a shock and given the lack of formal support means that coming to terms with the news can be a very lonely experience. A key focus of the group is to provide essential support at this early stage to expectant and new parents. Often simply speaking to another parent is all it takes to change perspective from one of gloom to celebration!

  • Early Intervention Therapies

Much of the formal support for those with Down syndrome is provided at the teenage/adult stage, but parents know all too well how much can be achieved by taking steps during those early years of a child’s development. Much of the funds raised by the Down Syndrome Centre Cork is used to pay for essential early intervention therapies, helping families to ensure their children reach their full potential.

  • Building Lasting Friendships

Having someone to talk to that understands first-hand the unique challenges you face, sharing experiences and giving or receiving advice from those a bit further down the road in the journey – these are just some of the benefits of belonging to Down Syndrome Centre Cork. We hold regular coffee mornings, toddler group meetings and fun social events, helping to build those lasting friendships of support.