Mission Statement

Our mission here in Down Syndrome centre cork (DSC Cork) is to provide essential services, information and support to people with Down Syndrome and their families in the Southern Region of Ireland.We recognise that all families are unique and we will endeavour to offer services best tailored to their diverse needs helping them to reach their full potential and creating a brighter future. Currently our purpose at the DSC Cork is to provide three core functions;

  • Diagnosis Support,
  • Early Intervention Therapies
  • Long Term Family Support.

These vital services can be provided only by the money raised to the Centre. Demand is huge given the lack of support and services in the Southern Region, every person with Down syndrome and families deserve no less.

Funds raised will help provide essential supports such as:
Speech & language therapy; Occupational Therapy; Physiotherapy; Music therapy; SKIP (Special Kids Intervention Programme); Sports & Social Outings and Talks for families on relevant topics.