SLT Services

Individual SLT Services

One-on-one Speech and Language Therapy Services

Our SLT Therapists offers one-on-one Speech and Language Therapy services throughout most of the year.

The sessions are 45 minutes in length and cost €25. For booking information click here.

A one-on-one SLT session is arranged following an initial assessment where a therapist will meet your child and determine what SLT programme will suit them best.


Other Speech and Language Therapy Services offered


Language is vital for a child’s cognitive (mental) and social development. The use of signs in early years will help children to progress and relieves frustration and for most children signs are used as a bridge to talking.

Throughout the year, we run Lámh Courses for Family Members, Special Needs Assistants and Teaching Staff. To register your interest in our next course please email or call 021 491 5616.


Social Skills Courses

We provide Social Skills courses throughout the year for small groups of three to four children that are at the same developmental stage. For more information please call us on (021) 491 5616 or email


Holiday Workshops

The Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy Departments have created Workshops that focus on social skills, language and conversational skills, motor functioning and sensory processing. They run during the Summer months and also during the Easter and Halloween breaks. In order to maximise therapeutic benefit of these workshops, places will be offered in accordance with the child’s age and assessed needs.