Schools & Colleges

Researching Down syndrome

If you need help learning more about Down syndrome for a school presentation or project, click here.

We’d love to visit your school!

We would be happy to visit your Primary or Secondary schools to give a short presentation about Down syndrome and what our centre does. Our fun and informative presentation invites students to celebrate difference and inclusion and even includes a lesson in Lámh – a form of sign language used by children with Down syndrome!

Learn more about that by clicking the ‘School Presentations’ tab on the left hand side of this page!

Your School can Fundraise for Us!

There are so many fun and fantastic ways that you can get involved in fundraising for The Down Syndrome Centre at your schools and colleges! We have created some suggestions for you to look at to get those creative brain-cell whirring, but very often students come up with the very best ideas without any help at all!

Click on ‘Organise a Fundraising Event’ on the left hand side of this page for more info!